Martindale’s is now Carolina Wild

After more than 40 years of offering fine foods from its shop off Airport Boulevard and Highway 101 in Santa Rosa, Martindale’s Quality Meats & Deli is no longer.

But fret not over your fresh beef and chicken. Owner Ron Martindale has simply sold the business. New owners have stepped in and renamed the store Carolina Wild, but kept the concept of local meats, plus sandwiches and such from the deli case.

One of Martindale’s hallmarks was its “custom cut and wrap” program, so even large quantities of meat could be vacuum packed and stored in your freezer. This was also where you could get specialties like Tasso ham, homemade andouille sausage, Christmas goose, beef jerky and turducken.

But the future looks bright. The new owners own a fishing boat in Bodega Bay, so word from staffers are the store is they’ll likely be bringing in plenty of seafood (mmm, crab!). And rumor has it that they may be remodeling, plus might introduce custom game cutting – meaning you can finally figure out what to do with that elk once you bag it.

Carolina Wild: 5280 Aero Dr., Santa Rosa, 707-526-7038.

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  1. The phone number listed is disconnected. Do you have a good phone number?


  2. I Used to visit Martindale’s 1-2 times a week, as a matter of fact I know many families that shopped there once a week or more. Since the sale I have made 3 attempts to go into the store to see, if perhaps the new owners got smart and bought any of Ron’s old Recipes, But to no avail! Now they have prepackaged meats, and a bunch of not so good makeshift attempts. I have only bought once, and the meat was poor quality and the marinade was awful. A few other friends have attempted as well, and I have tried it at their homes. The wings are gone, the bloody Mary tri-tip is gone, all the amazing sausages are gone. It is so depressing. I feel like we lost a huge part of the community, I hardly even fire up my grill anymore. The only good thing is I am saving about $300.00 a month! And so are my friends.

    If the owners were smart they would get on the phone and pay Ron for the key recipes, because they are going to lose the whole investment if they don’t. Just in case you didn’t guess, it is not a location you just happen to go to, you go there for the product that was sold, and now it is gone. You may as well go to Safeway, because the “quality” is gone. I will periodically check to see if someone has wised up, and realized the mistakes made, but I have shared this story with almost everyone I know, and we will not give Caroline Wild any business. I can’t imagine they have not felt a huge impact. This is really depressing, and I crave a Ron Martindale’s Bloody Mary Tri-tip on a daily basis…. It is like a fine wine lost in the past…. Please we beg you bring back the great recipes and meat quality we expect.

    I will say this the young folks that work in there are very nice, and are trying very hard, but it is not the same offering, and that is what the community came there and supported the store for. It takes years to build that type of customer base, and that is the value in the business. That is what they bought, the new owners need to provide it!

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