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  1. Congratulations to Mark Crabb, Jaime Graham, Paula Higgins and Robin Mckee-Cant on earning your designations! With every visit I become more impressed with the level of professionalism and honesty this great team puts into their work.

  2. Richard Medlock says:

    My family had the occasion to enjoy a restaurant in Washington, D.C. over the Holidays and they served your wine, a Merlot from your vineyards. We loved it and really enjoyed the last name as well. Can you ship to Maryland? I would love to try to get your wine and if not maybe you can direct me to a local store that carries it?

  3. This is a Pretty cool inside sonoma county unfiltered

  4. Are there any classes on wine tasting in sonoma? I know there are wine tasting everywhere, but I would like to go to a class (nothing formal).

  5. Rita – lots of places offer wine tasting classes along with wine & food pairings. You can check out our calendar of events as some of them are listed – or for some specific places try one of the classes at Ferrari-Carano, Mayo Reserve Room, Cellars of Sonoma or Kendall-Jackson (just to name a few).

  6. kathy fernandez says:

    We had your wine at Giancarlo’s Restaurant in Morro Bay. It was wonderful. What distributors do you use for the 2007 Zinfandel in Orange County California?

  7. Cheryl Pruitt says:

    Just learning of Mac and the guys this evening – expect to hear from me very soon – I also plan to try my hand at the recipes as well

  8. Keith Jackson says:

    I think you should get some music festivals besides jazz. Not everyone likes jazz. Jazz does nothing for me but wind me up and leave me gritting my teeth. Perhaps some easy listening soft rock. Maybe with acoustic guitar. Something calming not hair ripping jazz. I can’t be the only one that feels this way.

  9. Keith – many of our festivals do put Jazz in the name, but if you notice, most of the bands aren’t straight Jazz acts. Most of the bands who play Sonoma Jazz & the Petaluma Jazz Festival or a variety of musical genres. We also have concerts at wineries that are not Jazz artists, the Cotati Accordion Festival, acts who play at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, etc. To see a full listing of all entertainment, visit

  10. I think this website and articles about local events is a great idea. Thanks for doing it!


  11. is one of the sites we recommend as a great resource when visiting wine country. We have a video blog that includes scenes from Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley wine country if you’d like a sneak peek before visiting. Cheers.

  12. A grand thank you to careysweet for the sweetest article about Sonoma Syrup! Inside-Sonoma is a fantastic site!

  13. hey there guys names Nick and a girlfriend of mine was bragging about you event so cking into it boy it looks great!! AS a Gay 50 year old its been hard mweting quality guys around my age Ive only lived hear from LA for about a year. So please keep me posted and looking forward to seeing you next month Also as a photogrpher Id be will to donate a free shoot for your favorite Charity worth over $1000 Im now wotking with Kenny Ortega from Michael Jacksons This Is IT and have shot for top Agencies its all about the Love Peace you guys and call anytime 916-284-9799

  14. You have some of the best ifromation on this website. I refer your site all the time. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.

  15. Thanks Buzz! We work hard to provide information that people are looking for. If you ever have any story ideas, please let us know at

  16. I am glad the area has a well-defined image on the net, however, should it not give a bit of space to organizations and services for seniors? Senior activities (dancing, bridge, fitness classes, yoga, etc.) ?

    Please do not ignore us so totally!


    Adriana Cashman Asalgado

  17. The best non-tourist tourism I have seen anywhere. Just wondering when part three of the Sonoma Cheese touring will be coming out?

    Thanks for you great work.


  18. Dan – thanks for your kind words! We try and get people to travel like locals throughout Sonoma County. Not sure about the part three of the cheese tour, but here is a link to the new cheese tours put on by the Artisan Cheese Festival and all participating dairies throughout southern Sonoma County – Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have further questions.

  19. Hello
    I’m inquiring about publishing and advertising info. and events we are rolling out at The Wineyard thru you.
    Please contact me about this
    Thank you

  20. We will be vactioning in Northern California this summer and plan to spend a couple of days in Sonoma. Would anyone be able to suggest a must-go-to winery? We are interested in a winery where the staff is fun, down to earth, (ok-not a snob winery) tours are available, a wonderful experience for people from the Midwest ( Minnesota) !
    Thanks for your suggestions.

    • Hi Ronnie, so hard to choose just winery. We’ll be in touch per email shortly to find the best winery experience for you and help you with planning your trip. Regards, Sonoma County Tourism

  21. John & Angela DeAngelis says:

    Hi Ray, just wanted to thank you for telling us about Francis Ford Coppola Winery. It was great. We tasted some wine, took the tour and had lunch by the pool. A great place to spend the day. Next time we come by, we will plan for a Thursday night for food and music. Thanks again
    John & Angela

  22. Finally completed our web site and are pouring from 16 taps rotating weekly – exclusively California beers!
    1305 Ckeveland Ave . Santa Rosa. Ca

  23. Dearest Carey,

    I just can’t thank you enough for the wonderful article that you wrote for me, I feel very grateful and priviledged.

    Something fun that is coming up, on Sunday morning August 26th at the start of the Half Marathon Santa Rosa, I will be performing a 12th Wedding Anniversary Recommitment Ceremony, for a lovely couple from Southern California.

    This is another reason I love doing weddings, you just never know what will come to you, and I love every minute of it by being a part of so much love between two people.

    Many Blessings to you Carey,

  24. Please add me to your email list

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