End of the world as we know it, I feel wine

Photo courtesy of themayanscalendar2012.blogspot.com.

We warned you.

Way back in the way-back time, in March 2010, we told you this day was coming, and that you should prepare by confessing your sins, stocking your pantry, and ordering futures of wine.

Well, thanks to Facebook we’ve kept up a steady patter on the first, Costco has supplied the second and many years of Barrel Tasting has helped us accomplished the last.

And now it’s here – Dec. 21, 2012.  The day the world ends, according to the Mayans.

Now that the big day is upon us, I do have a few regrets:

  • I regret not hiking in every single regional park in Sonoma County. I’ve been to most of them, and with my annual pass I really don’t have an excuse. I can only claim that I was too busy visiting every winery in Sonoma County.
  • I regret lying to you that I have visited every winery in Sonoma County. I haven’t. I have tried my best, but with more than 370 wineries open to the public, and new ones appearing, it can be quite daunting to get to them all and still find time to write ridiculous blog posts. (And yes, perhaps the blog posts would be improved by a bit more winery visitation. Well, you can just stick your clever comments in your Pinot and quaff it, good sir.)
  • I regret that I have not stockpiled immense amounts of prosciutto in my apocalypse-proof bunker. I really like prosciutto.

Alright, this bunker is stocked. Photo credit: Reuters/Stefano Rellandini.

Regrets out of the way, here are a few ways to get a good seat to the end-of-the world and/or greet the dawn of a new day, Sonoma County style:

  1. If the big wave does come crashing in to demolish everything like in that movie, then perhaps timing it with dinner at River’s End in Jenner might be nice. They have excellent views of the coast, promise amazing sunsets and their food is quite tasty.
  2. Somewhere, someone in Sonoma County is hoarding illicit foie gras. Find that person. Bring toasty bread.
  3. The Robert Ferguson Observatory in Kenwood has an amazing telescope. Provided that what is wreaking havoc is heading to us from space, then odds are that it will be visible from there.
  4. That bottle you’ve been saving? Open it.
  5. On Dec. 22, when you awake, hung-over, tangled in a mess of MREs and wearing a biohazard suit, and you discover that the world in fact did not end, that you still have only three days left to buy Christmas presents after all, and you are staring at the dawn of a new day, then I suggest opening that other bottle you’ve been saving. The Iron Horse bubbly. And toast to another 3.5 billion years of life on earth.

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