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Twice as Nice with Couples’ Massage

It’s amazing how something involving hot stones, mud, salt, oil, and poking deeply into muscles can be so marvelous. We’re talking massages, of course, and how absurdly joyful and relaxing the treatments are, even when we’re being pounded by Vichy jets, sort of like being in a car wash. Doing this with our significant other or a close friend can {…}


Keeping the body healthy with Massage

Many of us only get massage and body work for relaxation and stress relief. I recommend going beyond these reasons and use massage for all the health benefits it can provide for the body. When my body is fatigued and I feel like I have no energy, and my immune system is overworked that’s when I schedule a lymphatic massage. {…}

Camping in Sonoma County

Sonoma County is known for many wonderful activities and awesome places to explore any day of the week. You can dine at any one of the fabulous restaurants throughout this amazing place, stay in a small in or full-service resort. You can hike, kayak, cycle, or ride a hot air balloon and take some of the most amazing photos for {…}


Relax, refresh, and rejuvenate at Sonoma County spas

If you’re searching for a special treat, the relaxing, pampering and healing powers of Sonoma County spas enhance your wine country vacation. Here you can heal through water, wine, soil and spirit in more than 40 spas and wellness centers. Below are just a few examples. Choose your own blissful experience at Spirit: Refresh your mind and renew your {…}


Wellness tip: Taking the trails in Sonoma County

Sonoma County has many natural adventures for anyone to enjoy. One of my favorite ways to explore this amazing county is hiking the trails. This cardiovascular activity is a great way to view the natural surrounding areas and have a chance to be one with nature. It’s also a great way to get the heart pumping in a fabulous environment {…}

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Lydia’s Café Consolidates to Petaluma

Lydia’s Organics opened in Petaluma last December, bringing a production facility for its Lydia’s Lovin’ Foods health food line, a café and community center, all staged within a facility called The Sunflower Center. As of July 1, Petaluma will be command post central for the successful company that sells its products at Whole Foods and other health food stores nationwide. {…}


Heart-healthy Activities in Sonoma County

Keeping the heart and body healthy in Sonoma County is an easy thing to do, especially with so many of nature’s great wonders to explore with your family and friends. Even better, make this destination a fabulous get away from your daily life. It’s a wonderful place to spend a lovers’ weekend or your own retreat. Beyond wineries and fantastic {…}


Spa-licious! Sonoma tempts with luxurious retreats

“For 2012, I hereby solemnly swear to treat myself well. When I feel healthy and happy, I perform better in both work and my personal life. Because I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!” If you’ve ever seen Al Franken perform on Saturday Night Live, you know what this is all about. With his character, {…}

Savory Spice Shop in Santa Rosa adds spice, wellness to your life.

Sonoma Spices (and Herbs …)

Spices and herbs help create new flavors with Sonoma County’s locally grown foods. But just as buying local means you should also buy fresh, so too should spices be fresh, and if possible, local. Many of us buy large quantity of spices or herb and leave them in the cabinet for months or even years without any use, leaving them {…}


Dr. Evil’s House of Horror offers a scare fest

Dr. Evil’s House of Horror, 16101 Neeley Road in Guereville, has been my favorite place to take my friends and family for a night of fun and horror. It’s an opportunity to share that adrenalin rush you get when you’re scared. It’s the “fright or flight” response that is hard-wired in all of us. Of course, screaming and laughing {…}