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Insider’s Guide to Sonoma


Inside Sonoma bloggers move to

This is the final post for, Sonoma County Tourism’s award-winning blog site. On Monday, Feb. 4, we’re hitting the switch to a new and improved, and all your favorite Insiders will be moving there. Inside Sonoma will go dark the same day. Since 2008, we’ve sent out our most talented writers, photographers, and videographers to document the best {…}


Inside-Sonoma, 2008-2013

 Possibly Excerpted From The Economist, February 1, 2013 Inside-Sonoma, laid to rest January 30, 2013. She was 4 ½. Her contents were subsumed by At its conception it was to be named “Extreme Grape Juice.” Originally discussed as a one of the Skunkworks projects of an over-caffeinated and under-regulated marketing department of a brand-new tourism organization, it was never {…}

wedding cuvee_feat

Women on Wine – Unfiltered Pops the Cork on Iron Horse CEO

It wasn’t too many years ago that a woman running a winery was considered avant-garde. Now, Sonoma County is home to some of the top female names in the country, and Big Bottom Market in Guerneville is putting a select few of them in the spotlight. With its new “Women on Wine – Unfiltered” series, guests can get up close {…}


Educate and Indulge with Forage for Fungi Weekend at Timber Cove Inn Jan. 4-6

It’s rainy season in the North Bay, which means many of us have mushrooms on our minds. If you see people stomping happily around the woods in the damp, you can bet they’re out there foraging, in search of tasty ’shrooms to stuff in ravioli, plop on pizza, stock in stews, and roast with lovely meats. The harvest urge is {…}


End of the world as we know it, I feel wine

We warned you. Way back in the way-back time, in March 2010, we told you this day was coming, and that you should prepare by confessing your sins, stocking your pantry, and ordering futures of wine. Well, thanks to Facebook we’ve kept up a steady patter on the first, Costco has supplied the second and many years of Barrel Tasting {…}

Multi-ethnic friends at New Year's Eve party

Create a Sonoma County Statement for New Year’s, Win Nifty Prizes

In Spain, wacky New Year’s Eve revelers stop whatever they’re doing before midnight and engage in a mad scramble for grapes. The rule is that everyone must eat 12 grapes, one for each chime of the clock, in order to ensure good luck for the next 12 months. People of Sonoma County, how could we let ourselves be so up-staged? {…}

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Claws for Celebration: Crab Season is Here

It’s so highly anticipated in Sonoma that it seems some enterprising organization should do something official to honor it. Crab season has come, so let’s unleash the marching bands, set loose the crab floats in a parade, and elect a Crab Queen, complete with a seaweed sash. The crab harvest runs generally from late November through June, though prime season {…}

wedding pic 1

Make a Proposal to Your Favorite Wedding Venue, Too

Often, wedding couples overlook some of the most beautiful venues for their important day, thinking that such elegance is out of their budget. Yet unless they ask, they’ll never know, and sometimes the answer can be surprising, great news. For example, if you’ve been thinking of getting married, there’s no better time to do it than February 2013, and no {…}


Winter Wineland Makes Wine Touring Even Easier

Maybe “Totally Cool Winery Treasure Map” or “Glittery Charm Bracelet of Great Wineries” or “Wine Chart of the Stars of the Universe” were too long of names. However it came about, the nicely titled “Wine Road” spans a collection of more than 150 wineries and 50 lodgings, scattered all across the winding avenues, hills and dales of Alexander Valley, Dry {…}


Lights, Camera…. Action is Ramping up with Pre-Sale Savings on Sonoma International Film Festival Tickets

It’s still several months until the 16th annual Sonoma International Film Festival, which runs April 10-14, 2013. Yet two important things are happening now: film submissions, and early bird ticket sales. Films may be submitted in one of four categories: Features, Documentaries, World Cinema, and Shorts. Early ticket purchases, meanwhile, go one sale go on sale Dec. 1, with the {…}