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Tim lives Inside Sonoma county, where he spends his day washing down fistfuls of chevre and prosciutto with fine Sonoma wines. He can juggle.

Inside-Sonoma, 2008-2013

 Possibly Excerpted From The Economist, February 1, 2013 Inside-Sonoma, laid to rest January 30, 2013. She was 4 ½. Her contents were subsumed by At its conception it was to be named “Extreme Grape Juice.” Originally discussed as a one of the Skunkworks projects of an over-caffeinated and under-regulated marketing department of a brand-new tourism organization, it was never {…}


End of the world as we know it, I feel wine

We warned you. Way back in the way-back time, in March 2010, we told you this day was coming, and that you should prepare by confessing your sins, stocking your pantry, and ordering futures of wine. Well, thanks to Facebook we’ve kept up a steady patter on the first, Costco has supplied the second and many years of Barrel Tasting {…}

Zombie Attack

Sonoma County Artist: Adam Springer

This is the first in a series of profiles of Sonoma County artists. A local artist is asked five questions, and is given pretty much free reign on how they want to answer them. This week: Adam Springer of Windsor. 1. What do you do? Describe your art. I do acrylic painting on canvas, influenced by pop art, people like {…}

Zombie Zin Label. Very scary.

Sonoma Zombie Apocalypse

What wine to pair with legions of the undead? And how does one dress for dinner at the Apocalypse? Worry not – Inside Sonoma, the ever vigilant watcher of trends resurrected and reanimated for easy online consumption- is here with what to drink this Halloween season. Or any season when one finds oneself surrounded by hordes of cadaverous ambulators and/or {…}

Happy girl

Patty Wagstaff at Wings Over Wine Country

Wings Over Wine Country 2011

What makes Wings Over Wine Country unique isn’t that jets like the US Navy’s F-18 may rip across the sky with booming thunder trailing from its afterburners. Or that acrobatic planes will corkscrew into the heavens, then stall and fall backwards towards earth, only to pull out of the freefall at the last second and then level off and back {…}

4 and 1/5 places for great snacks

Sometimes you don’t need a whole meal – sometimes all you want is a bit of something to nibble on while you engage in witty repartee with your friends. Sonoma County has some good spots for delicious snacks, whether it’s a great happy hour, a small plates roadhouse with a good wine list, or a neighborhood tasting room. Here’s a {…}

Put me in coach… Wine Country Baseball update

Wine Country Baseball, the Sonoma County baseball league that features local, amateur sluggers and golden glovers playing America’s past-time in God’s own country, has signed a new commissioner. The new commissioner, who is not named Bud Selig, was cited in a press release as, “legendary current head of baseball at Sonoma State University, John Goelz.” Wine Country Baseball will begin {…}

Making nothing, out of nothing at all

Looking over the past few itineraries we’ve listed, I started to get a bit exhausted. Sonoma has a lot to do, and what with the 300 wineries and the spas and the restaurants (not to mention the peripatetic taco trucks and mysterious munch Mondays…) I started to wonder – where can I go to do… nothing. Nothing at all. Just. {…}

Perfect in Petaluma

Often the first town visitors come to when leaving San Francisco for the wine country, Petaluma is a hip city: small-town feel, amazing food scene, and surrounded by organic farms and ranches and vineyards. Here’s a suggested day in Petaluma: Start at Della Fattoria, the gathering spot for locals in the know. This bakery is one of the best in {…}